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15 Sep Popular Flowers by Occasion
Sarah 0 88
Did you know that most flowers are seasonal? By buying what’s in season, you’ll lessen your carbon footprint and be guaranteed a bloom that will last longer. Belles Fleurs offer nationwide flower deli..
08 Sep How to take care of flowers
Sarah 0 215
Belles Fleurs nationwide delivery flower service has just dropped off a fantastic bouquet to your home – but how do you make sure you’re taking great care of your blooms? We want you to enjoy your flo..
03 Sep The biggest challenges of being a florist
Sarah 0 50
Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love what we do. We love waking in the morning, surrounded by the most beautiful natural creations, and bringing joy to customers across Ireland with our nationwide f..
25 Aug Bestsellers at Belles Fleurs
Sarah 0 173
How do you decide which flowers to send to yourself or a loved one? Our customers have excellent taste, and you need only glance at our bestsellers list to see which are our most popular arrangements...
18 Aug Front Door Wreaths
Sarah 0 59
Do you love changing your décor in time with the seasons? We love customising bouquets to match your home, matching colours, and textures to the style of your home. Front door wreaths are a great way ..
12 Aug Popular bouquets for Weddings
Sarah 0 51
A bouquet is the centrepiece of a wedding outfit, drawing the eye and giving a white dress a burst of brightness. At Belles Fleurs, we specialise in wedding arrangements, working with couples to help ..
09 Aug What we love about being a local florist
Sarah 0 63
Have you ever thought about becoming a florist? We love our jobs, using natures most colourful creation to bring happiness and beauty to our customers’ homes. We dedicate ourselves to being creative &..
15 Jul Flower Spotlight: Gardenia
Peter 0 36
Gardenias, also known as Gardenia jasminoides, have over 200 species and belong to the coffee plant family, Rubiaceae. Keep reading to learn more about their origin, meaning, and some interesting fact..
21 Jun Flower Spotlight: Sweet Pea
Peter 0 99
Sweet Peas, or Lathyrus odoratus, have over 100 species and belong to the pea-flower subfamily, Fabaceae family. The name Lathyrus is Greek for “pea”, while odoratus means “scented-one.” Keep reading ..
26 May Flower Spotlight: Daffodils
Peter 0 49
Daffodils are a part of the amaryllis family, native to northern Europe and grown in temperate climates around the world. With many varieties, daffodils make for a perfect spring bouquet! Keep reading..
21 May Statement Flowers for Bold Brides
Peter 0 69
Wedding season is right around the corner and that means it’s time to think about bouquets! From roses to tulips and more, there’s plenty of flowers to choose from. Check out a few of our favorite bri..
18 May Flower Spotlight: Orchid
Peter 0 48
Orchids have a rich and long history. Researchers have actually dated them back to the Jurassic era, making them one of the oldest families of flowering plants on the planet. They can be found on ev..
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