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Flower Tributes

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Embrace the warmth of our Classic Tribute Sympathy Arrangement. Featuring an elegant mix of roses, lilies, and anthurium. It's a timeless expression of love and comfort during moments of loss and remembrance...
Tribute in the name of. Cost is 50 euro per letter. For this example, we've used MUM. You can buy this product if you'd like a 3 letter word, just let us know in the comments. If you'd like more or less - please ring the shop on 01 822 2260 and we ca..
Our Sympathy Sheave, featuring a combination of roses and lisianthus, conveys heartfelt condolences with grace and simplicity. This arrangement is a respectful tribute, offering solace and support during moments of remembrance and loss...
Our Sympathy Cushion, adorned with roses, lisianthus, and chrysanthemums, is a tender and comforting tribute. This elegant arrangement offers solace during times of grief, honoring the memory of your loved one with gentle beauty and grace...
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