There is nothing more disappointing than taking an expensive bouquet home from the supermarket and have it wilt after a day or two. Buying from a local florist not only helps to support a small business, it also means you’re guaranteed a long-lasting arrangement. Every bouquet that leaves our Blanchardstown Florist is expertly prepared for its beauty, freshness, and longevity. We combine budding and blooming flowers to make sure your arrangement lasts as long as possible. There are some tips for you to follow at home to prolong the beauty of your arrangement too.

1. Use a Clean Vase

While it might seem obvious not to put flowers into a dirty or dusty vase, the level of cleaning needed to sterilise a vase may surprise you. A quick wipe with a damp cloth will not sterilise your surface, even if it looks clean. You’ll need to use warm water and bleach to truly clean your glass vase. Put about 30ml of bleach into your vase (more if the vase is very large) and fill it to the top with warm water. Leave it to sit for 5-15 minutes to ensure all bacteria and dirt is removed. Rinse your vase and fill it with fresh water before popping your flowers in.

2. Cut the Stems

It’s not enough to just pop your flowers straight into the vase from the packaging. You need to do a little more to ensure they last as long as possible. Use garden shears or sharp scissors to trim one to two inches off the bottom of your flower stem, making a clean cut. Cut them at an angle so they are not sitting flat on the bottom of the vase. After the initial preparation, cut them again every few days to maximise water intake and give them the best chance of lasting longer.

3. No Foliage in the Water

When you put your flowers in a vase, there should be no leaves, buds or foliage in the water. If they’re left in water they will rot and contaminate the water being soaked up by your flowers causing them to wilt early. Maximise water absorption by cutting the stems at an angle, stripping the leaves and ensuring that the vase is at least ¾ full when the flowers are in.

4. Control the Temperature

Although flowers grow in warm climates, cut flowers do not do well in heat. Controlling the temperature around your flowers is important for their longevity. Keep your bouquet away from heat like on a windowsill with direct sunlight or above a radiator. You should also keep them away from cold like a draft and don’t leave them outdoors in extreme weather. Try to display your bouquet in a place where the temperature is constant.

5. Refresh the Water

You wouldn’t drink water that was a few days old sitting out so why let your flowers? Once your flowers are in the vase, you should completely refresh the water after three days, disposing of the old water and replacing it with cool fresh water. You should keep an eye on the water level and top it up as needed.

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