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21 Nov Floral centrepieces for your festive table
Sarah 0 470
Nothing says Christmas like getting the good China out for Christmas dinner! The festive tablecloth is freshly pressed, and the cutlery is polished but there is one thing that brings your Christmas ta..
09 Nov Winter Wedding Flowers
Peter 0 475
If your winter wedding is fast approaching, it's time to decide on your bouquets. It's true that fewer flowers may bloom in the winter months, but that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on your..
01 Nov How to choose the perfect birthday flowers
Peter 0 308
Birthday gifts can be tricky. We want to send a message with love, something they’ll love and that brings them joy. Flowers are a classic way of showing someone how much they mean to you. At Belles Fl..
25 Sep Sympathy Flowers
Sarah 0 747
Times of bereavement can be very difficult for family members or loved ones. Sometimes, we don’t know what to say or do to offer comfort to those who are grieving. We want to show they are in our mind..
15 Sep Real v Fake Flowers at Your Wedding
Sarah 0 229
If you are planning the most exciting day of your life, congratulations! You have a lot of big decisions to make about your wedding day, one of which is decor. Flowers have played a huge part in all o..
05 Sep Match Wedding Flowers to Your Wedding
Sarah 0 174
Flowers are an integral part of any bridal outfit. They add a pop of colour to an all-white dress and allow the bride to show her personality. Every little detail counts on your big day and matching t..
28 Aug A Day in the Life
Sarah 0 221
You may think that we admire our stock and create beautiful flower arrangements every day (and we do!) but there is a lot more to being a retail florist. While our jobs may seem glamorous, there is a ..
08 Aug Care of Orchids
Sarah 0 207
House plants have been a popular addition to homes for as long as history books go back but there has been a particular resurgence of their popularity in recent times. Plants and flowers are a way to ..
01 Aug Pretty in Pink
Sarah 0 233
Pink is the colour of the year and with the recent hype about the Barbie movie taking over the world, we’re seeing a demand for more pink flowers and bouquets. At Belles Fleurs Florist in Blanchardsto..
19 Jul Ordering Flowers in Ireland
Sarah 0 173
Whether you’re sending a bunch to a loved one to celebrate a birthday or buying a bunch for yourself to brighten up your home, ordering flowers is always a delight. We recommend choosing a tried and t..
14 Jul What to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Flowers
Sarah 0 252
Wedding trends come and go but wedding flowers have always been an important part of the day. Not only do they add an air of luxury to your wedding day, they are also part of a centuries-long traditio..
04 Jul Spotlight on Hydrangeas
Sarah 0 251
It’s finally that time of the year when our gardens are blooming with one of the most beautiful and dramatic flowers of all, the wonderful hydrangea. This eye-catching bloom grows well in damp soil an..
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