Freshly cut flowers need the same amount of love and attention in all seasons. In summer, we’re likely to use air conditioning or fans to keep our homes cooler while in Winter we light the fire and turn on the heating to warm up. Flowers don’t like extreme temperatures and need plenty of fresh water no matter the temperature. At Belles Fleurs, our flowers do not sit in shop windows. We cut, arrange, hand-tie and send them out as soon as possible to ensure longevity for our customers, but you need to do your part to keep them fresh at home too. Here are some tips to get the best out of your bouquet in Winter.

Start with a clean, sanitised vase. For the very best results, you should wash your vase well with hot soapy water and allow it to drip dry, to avoid any dust or bacteria from the drying cloth. Wipe with a light layer of isopropyl alcohol to ensure it’s completely sterile.

Fill your vase two-thirds of the way with cool clean water. Cut the flower stems at an angle to maximise water absorption. Remove any leaves from the part of the flower that will sit in water to prevent mould. Don’t forget to add any flower feed provided by the florist to ensure longevity. Keep your flowers away from heat. Don’t display them on or near radiators and especially not on the mantlepiece above a lit fire. Heat will dehydrate your blooms and wilt them prematurely. Once they’re damaged by heat, there isn’t much you can do to revive them. Flowers love lots of air, water, brightness, and no direct sunlight.

Windowsills are usually a nice place to display flowers but when the weather is very cold, the windows are likely to be the coldest surface in your home. If you do display your flowers near a window, make sure that none of the flowers or foliage touches the glass. If they are touching, they’re likely to die overnight. If you notice a dead bloom, remove it from the bouquet to stop the rot from spreading.

Make sure your flowers are watered well. Keep an eye on the water level in the vase and don’t let it go below half full. Remove debris like loose leaves from the water which may cause mould. Snip the stems at an angle again if you find the flowers are wilting.

Cold water can damage your flowers, while water that is too warm can cause them to bloom too quickly. The best option for your flowers is lukewarm tap water. Completely change the water in the vase after two days, and as often as you need to after that. Repeat the cleaning of the vase to avoid bacteria growth.

Choosing a quality florist is key to a long-lasting bouquet for all seasons. At Belles Fleurs, our professional team handle your flowers with care as we hand-tie a bouquet to order. Our delivery partners are careful and considerate ensuring they reach you in perfect condition.

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