House plants have been a popular addition to homes for as long as history books go back but there has been a particular resurgence of their popularity in recent times. Plants and flowers are a way to bring the outside in, adding a touch of nature to your home. However, depending on the plant, it can be very easy to misjudge its care and let it wilt. Belles Fleurs have a constant stock of one of the most impressive house plants of all, Orchids. Here are some tips for taking care of your orchid so it lasts as long as possible. Pop into Belles Fleurs Florist in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre to hand- pick a beautiful orchid as a gift for yourself or a loved one.

Growing Orchids

Moth orchids (Phalaenopsis) are the most common type of orchid grown in the UK and Ireland, found everywhere from garden centres to florists. They flower over a long period meaning they are long lasting and are available in an increasingly wide variety of colours. They are easy to grow in most homes, producing dramatic displays of exotic blooms. Broadly speaking orchids grow in specialist orchid compost, you should avoid watering them too much, and you should feed them with orchid fertiliser from spring until autumn.


Orchids need bright but indirect light. Too much light can scorch the leaves, so don't leave them in direct sunshine such as on a south-facing windowsill. Many indoor orchids come from warm, tropical regions so need a warm but humid atmosphere. You can safely keep them inside in a warm room without too much central heating as it dries out the soil and leaves too quickly. They also like warmth so try to keep them away from drafts like open doors or windows.


Watering houseplants can be a tricky skill to master. It’s best to follow expert advice and tailor the regularity of the watering to the type of plant, following instructions that come with it. You should wait until the soil has dried to water your potted plant. You’ll know it’s dry by the weight of the pot – it should feel light and the topsoil should be quite dry to the touch. Orchids like regular watering and misting, preferably with rainwater or boiled water rather than tap water. Mist the foliage every two or three days avoiding the flowers themselves. You can also stand the pot on a tray of damp gravel and let the plant drink as much as it likes.


Orchids can benefit from repotting as needed. It's necessary if your plant becomes too big for its container or the roots begin to die. If you’re planning to re-pot, the best time to do it is when the orchid is flowering, and new leaves are forming. Try to stick to a schedule of repotting at least every two to three years or when the roots have outgrown the old pot. Repot into a vessel one size up from the previous.

With the correct care and attention, potted orchids can last between 10-15 years and are a fantastic gift for a loved one that keeps on giving. At Belles Fleurs, we have a constant supply of orchids but if you’re looking for something specific call us before you pop in to pick one up.