Churches are some of the most beautiful buildings in Ireland, both architecturally and decoratively. The art and design are enough to draw people from all over the world to visit our beautiful churches and mosques. When we’re celebrating a special occasion in a church, it’s nice to add a little touch of nature to the beautiful interior in the form of flowers. Whether you’re looking for an Easter display, a Christmas wreath or just a weekly refresh of the altar flowers, Belles Fleurs offer the ideal church flower service all over Ireland.

Church Flowers

Flowers add an air of luxury and beauty to a church, whether they are the focal point or an addition to the décor. Churches come in all shapes and sizes, just like flower arrangements and the layout of the church and altar should be considered before ordering a floral arrangement. At Belles Fleurs, we custom design and hand-tie floral arrangements for all spaces, from alter bouquets and tributes to aisle décor and entranceway flowers. Whether your church needs an extra special design for an occasion or a weekly refresh of your usual floral décor, we’re here to help. Contact Belles Fleurs in Blanchardstown for your church flower needs.

Wedding Flowers

One of the most important occasions to decorate a church is the holy sacrament of marriage. Many couples like to bring their own flowers, adding pew décor, archway flowers and more to the church so their ceremony pictures are as beautiful as they imagined. Wedding flowers are a personal choice for each couple and often capture the spirit and theme of their big day. Some churches do not allow outside décor for weddings, instead preferring to keep the original décor with their own floral displays. Good florists will create a package that can be transferred from church to venue easily, saving customers money and hassle.

Altar Flowers

Floral décor in churches can be as moderate or as over the top as the church decides but many churches decide to keep floral arrangements classy and elegant. Certain varieties of flowers are more popular than others on alters, such as poinsettias during Christmas (symbolic of the Star of Bethlehem) and Easter lilies during Lent (symbolic of the resurrection of Jesus). Flowers might be themed to an occasion, reflective of the season or the local flora and fauna in the area. Flowers create a focal point at the end of the aisle, drawing the eye to the alter and the reredos.

Non-Traditional Church Flowers

Wedding and funeral organisers should check with individual churches what floral displays they will allow. Belles Fleurs can create a package that suits your unique needs and make the church look picture-perfect. We specialise in non-traditional church flowers that elevate the space and make it look like a fairytale. Even the most traditional, historic buildings can be transformed into wonderlands, incorporating trees, archways and entrances that take your breath away. We’d be delighted to work with churches and event planners to make our churches even more beautiful!

Contact our friendly team of florists in our Blanchardstown flower shop to learn more about ordering church flowers. You can call us on (01) 822 2260, email us some pictures of your space to [email protected] or drop in to chat with our team.