Did you know the sun will set this Sunday at 7.59 pm, marking the official start of Summer in Ireland? Easter weekend is often thought of as the start of the warmer months and aside from eating plenty of chocolate eggs, we love to decorate your homes with the most beautiful Easter flower arrangements. Our small independent florist, located in the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre in Dublin 15 is unmistakeable, first for the fantastic display of fresh flower arrangements at the door and secondly for the fragrance which draws you in like a Venus fly trap! Order your Easter flower arrangement for collection or delivery using our online florist and we’ll do the rest.

Bring Flowers to Easter Dinner

Easter is a time for reflection, consecration, and overindulgence. After 40 long days and nights of Lent, we’re ready to enjoy a delicious Easter feast followed by (or preceded by!) plenty of delicious chocolate eggs. If you’re invited to Easter dinner with a friend or relative, the polite thing to do is to bring a gift. We can’t think of anything better than a beautiful display of fresh, seasonal flowers to brighten up their home and remind them of you every time you see them. If you’re hosting dinner, add a touch of Spring freshness to your dinner table with a bouquet or centrepiece in a traditional pastel flower colour scheme.

Traditional Easter Flowers

Roses are traditionally associated with Valentine's Day, holly with Christmas and shamrock with St Patrick's Day but what are the traditional flowers of Easter? Some of the most beautiful flowers come into bloom in Spring and many can be incorporated into a stunning easter themed display.

The Easter Lily is a traditional Easter flower. The pure white of the petals and its contrast with the strong vibrant green stem make it a stand-out part of any arrangement. They add a beautiful scent to an easter floral arrangement elevating any space. They’re often found in homes, offices, and churches to celebrate one of the biggest religious holidays of the year. In Ireland, badges of Lily are worn during Easter by Irish republicans as a symbol of remembrance for Irish republican combatants who died during or were executed after the 1916 Easter Rising.

Tulips are synonymous with Spring and are seen frequently between February and April. Colours range from red, pink, and orange to darker shades like brown, black, and bronze. Depending on the variety, tulip flowers can be single, double, ruffled, fringed, or lily-shaped. They’re always popular because of the range of colours and varieties and they’re a relatively inexpensive flower to brighten up a home or garden.

Daffodils are so popular around Springtime, and we love to see them on their own or as part of an Easter display. They’re natively grown in Ireland and are relatively hardy garden flowers that are easy to maintain. Traditionally daffodils are yellow or white, but they can be found in shades of orange and pink too. Their beautiful trumpet-shaped petals and bright bursts of colour bring sunshine to your home or garden.

Belles Fleurs offer fresh and fast flower delivery to all parts of Dublin and Ireland. Our fresh Spring flowers are ideal as a gift for your Easter host or to brighten up your home. Contact us by phone, browse our online florist or call in to see us at our florist in Blanchardstown.