Nothing says Christmas like getting the good China out for Christmas dinner! The festive tablecloth is freshly pressed, and the cutlery is polished but there is one thing that brings your Christmas table together. For us, nothing says Christmas like a hand-crafted floral centrepiece bringing a touch of the season to your favourite meal of the year. At Belles Fleurs, we understand the importance of a striking Christmas centrepiece and have a selection of beautiful arrangements available both in-store at our florist in Blanchardstown and on our online florist. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect Christmas centrepiece.

Choose a style that suits your décor. If you have an ultra-modern home with marble and chrome finishes, it's likely a rustic, homestyle centrepiece won’t fit in very well. Before you order a bouquet, choose a style that suits your home and adds to your décor. You can choose between a traditional, modern, or eclectic centrepiece in a shape that suits you.

Choose the type of arrangement that best suits your table. If you have a rectangle table, a longer, or curved floral centrepiece might suit best. For a round table, a flat wreath or a hat box will take up less space and leave more room for festive food and drink. A bouquet can be customised at home into a vase which takes up as much or as little space as you have.

Choosing a theme will help you decide what flowers you can use in your wreath. Do you want a traditional red wreath with autumn and winter accents? Do you want to use mostly flowers or mostly accessories like acorn and ivy? Would you prefer a frosty white or blue arrangement to better suit your Christmas tree? From classic reds and greens to elegant gold and silver, the colour choices are endless.

Enhance your Christmas centrepiece with scent. We can incorporate naturally beautiful scents into your Christmas arrangement like cinnamon, dried orange and pine. You can elevate your table with beautiful scented candles and decorations that are personal to your celebration. Just make sure the candles aren’t overpoweringly scented or it may ruin the taste of your dinner. Remember to take care of your festive flowers as well as possible to avoid them wilting prematurely. Keep them away from extreme heat and cold. That means, keep them away from radiators, open fires and away from drafts from windows and doors. Keep the water fresh and topped up and make sure to recut the stems at an angle if you notice the flowers are beginning to droop.

Order Christmas Flowers from Belles Fleurs

Ordering your festive flower arrangement from Belles Fleurs could not be easier. Simply use our online florist to browse our selection, enter a few details and we’ll deliver to you or a loved one anywhere in Ireland. Alternatively, call our friendly team and we will create something special for you with your style and budget in mind. 25+ years of experience goes into each of our flower arrangements, and we guarantee satisfaction with every order. Order soon to secure a delivery date that suits you at this very busy time of the year.

Support your local florist this Christmas! We’ve been serving our local community for over 25 years, delivering fresh flower arrangements in Blanchardstown and Nationwide. Shop online, drop into our florist in Blanchardstown shopping centre or call 01 822 2260 to order.