As a busy Dublin florist specialising in creating bespoke arrangements for all occasions, we’re asked to make many types of flower arrangements for all types of events every day. This often includes table flower arrangements and centrepieces to draw the eye and add the wow factor to weddings, gala dinners, award ceremonies and more. Our flower shop and team of florists based in Dublin offer nationwide flower delivery and a unique design service to suit all tastes and budgets. Contact our team in our locally-owned florist in Blanchardstown or visit our online florist to learn more.

Table Centrepieces

Aside from bouquets, flowers can bring so much to a wedding or event, especially when you use an experienced, local business to make your ideas happen. Tables centrepieces add dimension to the event design, showing that the organisers planned and curated the aesthetic. It gives guests some beautiful details to admire while adding to the overall beauty of the room. When chosen and designed correctly, adding flowers to a table design truly adds a wow factor. Aside from table centrepieces, Belles Fleurs florist in Dublin can offer a range of event arrangements from aisle ends to flower arches and everything in between here.

Table Garlands

When you think of garlands, chances are the Christmas fireplace comes to mind but garlands, as well as everything else flower-related, changes with the seasons. Table garlands are usually lush and green, adding depth to the table layout and drawing the eye to the centre. Adding blooms to the greenery gives the feeling of an opulent royal banquet. It may also help to create a centre line if you’re planning to seat guests on either side of a wide rectangular table. They can see and speak to each other but have their own space.

Mix & Match

Choose flower arrangements that make an impact. Your arrangement should be a practical and beautiful addition to the table, not something that hinders your guests. Tall arrangements in wide bottom vases are popular choices. Guest can see and speak to their tablemates and the height of the arrangement have a fantastic impact in pictures. Not every table needs the same arrangement, however. Pick & choose what suits your style aesthetic. Sometimes clusters of bud vases tell as beautiful a story as an over-the-top display.

Entrance way Arrangements

At weddings and banquet dinners, you’ll often find a table at the main entrance way greeting guests, containing the seating plan or asking guests to sign in. This should not be forgotten if you want to make a good first impression. The entrance way table is the first thing your guest sees when they arrive at your event. While you could choose balloons or other décor to decorate, flowers have an impact that cannot be replicated. They can set the scene, colour scheme and tone of the event venue. You can choose small vases, a large centrepiece, or a freestanding design to make your entrance table stand out.

Cake Table

The idea of a traditional wedding cake has been expanded so much in recent times, it’s now an entire dessert table! While your beautiful cake will be the centrepiece, the décor surrounding it is where the wow factor really kicks in. The cake can be surrounded by a spray of loosely arranged bright flowers contrasting the white icing of the cake, or you can disperse smaller bunches aroundthe table. Consult a florist to ensure the flowers you choose are non-toxic and safe to be around food.

For ideas, inspiration and advice on floral tale arrangements or any kind of wedding flowers, our team of talented florists in our Dublin flower shop are always at hand. Call into our florist in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre to discuss your needs. We’d be delighted to provide a free consultation and advice.