Autumn is finally here are we love this change in season. We’re looking forward to cosy nights in, crunchy leaves underfoot and brightening up homes with beautiful autumnal blooms both inside and outside. Many flowers are more comfortable in the cooler months, so you don’t have to compromise when choosing a bouquet for your home or wedding or a front door wreath to greet your guests. Don’t forget a Belles Fleurs flower delivery is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries and so much more. We offer nationwide delivery from our florist shop in Dublin.

Front Door Wreaths for Autumn

Christmas has always been the most popular time of the year for front door wreaths, but we love them all year round. Autumn brings with it some of the warmest colours of the year. Think of an autumn wreath with gorgeous orange and red hues, accented by bright yellow blooms and plenty of rich foliage. You can use tiny pumpkins, pinecones, or lovely sunflowers to make your wreath stand out from the crowd. Make your neighbours jealous with a bespoke front door wreath made especially for you by our talented team in Belles Fleurs.

Autumn Flowers

Flowers love autumn. It can be difficult to keep flowers cool enough to prolong their life in Summer, especially when we love to show them off in the window, in direct sunlight. Winter is equally as difficult with central heating drying out your blooms and evaporating the water. Autumn is the ideal season for a flower delivery and to enjoy long-lasting blooms. The sun is still warm, but the air is cool enough to keep your flowers happy. Book your autumn bouquet today to make the most of the gorgeous autumn blooms.

Seasonal Flowers in Autumn

Autumn is a great season for alternative bouquets both for weddings and to brighten up your home. Many flowers and foliage come into season in Autumn and last longer than in other months. Some of our favourite flowers that love autumn include:

Ornamental Cabbages – Have you ever had a bouquet containing cabbage? Autumn is the perfect time to incorporate more unusual flowers into your arrangement. One of the most long-lasting and hardy of the autumn blooms is the ornamental cabbage, a rose-shaped flower with wide ruffled edges. They can survive in temperatures as low as 5 degrees, ideal for cooler autumn weather.

Sunflowers – an autumn favourite and a recognisable flower no matter where in the world you are. These proud, bright beauties add a pop of colour to any bouquet.

Cosmos – annual flowers that bear a resemblance to a large daisy with larger petals sitting atop long stems. You’ll usually find them in a pink or purple hue, but they come in many different shades.

Dahlias – Native to Central America and Mexico, dahlias are a beautiful addition to any arrangement and add intricacy and depth to a bouquet. Colours vary within the flower, increasing or decreasing in depth the further out they splay.

Chinese Lantern – bearing a resemblance to their namesake, Chinese lanterns are the perfect autumn bloom. Coloured bright orange, they are striking in colour and shape and add a very Halloween-y feel to an arrangement. When they wither, they leave behind a fascinating see-through skeleton of their former selves.

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