Have you ever tried to arrange a bunch of flowers at home and ended up with a messy vase? Would you love to know the basics of flower arranging? We’ve put together our top tips for preparing the perfect flower arrangement so you can impress family and friends or brighten up your home with a beautiful display. If you’d like to leave it in the hands of a professional, order a beautiful flower delivery from Belles Fleurs florist in Dublin.

The Basic Rules of Flower Arrangement

There are many things to consider when arranging a bouquet. You need to keep the bunch balanced, so they’re not heavier on one side. Consider the proportion and scale of the bouquet and the size of the individual flowers, making sure everything you include is balanced. You want unity and harmony among the stems that you use, using complementary colours, textures, and styles. Your bouquet should be consistent throughout, using rhythm and balance to emphasise the ‘centrepiece’ flowers. You need a creative spirit, good taste, and an eye for balance to create the perfect bunch and it can take years to master.

Tips for arranging the perfect bouquet

  • While arranging or storing flowers for arrangement, make sure you do so in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and heating vents. Recut the stems daily and make sure they are kept hydrated.
  • Choose your container well. The vase will need a wide mouth to hold a larger bouquet and be tall enough to allow the stems some space and contain plenty of water. As a general rule, your bouquet should be about one and a half times taller than your vase or container.
  • If you’re wrapping your flowers in plastic or cellophane, choose a good quality product that is hard wearing and can contain sufficient water to ensure your flowers are hydrated until they get to their final home. Choose colours that compliment your flowers and the occasion you’re sending them for.
  • Prepare your flowers. Remove any thorns or unsightly leaves from the stems leaving enough to keep your bouquet looking lush and full. No leaves should be in contact with the water. This will prevent harmful bacteria from entering the water and reduce the lifespan of the bouquet.
  • If you’re arranging roses, you might need to help them to open to show their full beauty. You can do this by blowing into the centre of the bud or rolling the stem back and forth between two hands.
  • Use foliage to enhance your arrangement. Make sure to choose complimentary leaves and decoration that improves the quality of your arrangement, instead of using it as a filler.
  • You can use wire, foam, tape, twine, string, ribbon and so many other tools to give your flowers the extra support they need for a picture perfect arrangement.

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