Flowers are an integral part of any bridal outfit. They add a pop of colour to an all-white dress and allow the bride to show her personality. Every little detail counts on your big day and matching the colour and style of your bouquet to your dress will have a big impact. Of course, there are more flowers in your big day than just the bouquet so here is our guide to matching flowers throughout your wedding day.

Brides Bouquet

While there are no rules to choosing the shape and style of your bouquet, there are some guidelines that will tie the theme together. Choosing the colour of your dress before your flowers is important so there isn’t a colour clash. If your dress is non-traditional or has a coloured accessory like a sash or cape, incorporate that colour into your bouquet for a cohesive look. Consider the silhouette of your dress when choosing a bouquet style. Sleek and modern dresses pair well with tight bouquets with clean lines whereas boho wedding dresses suit looser, flowing bouquet designs.

Bridesmaids Bouquets

It’s a common misconception but your bridesmaid's bouquets and the bridal bouquet do not have to match. While having the same colours or style might tie you together as a group, it's completely up to your personal taste if they match or not. In fact, your bridesmaid's bouquets don’t even need to match each other! Some brides prefer a unified look while others opt for slight variations to distinguish from the bride, whose flowers are the main attraction. You could take a flower or colour that’s prominent in the bride's bouquet and incorporate it into the other parts of the wedding or go all out and allow your wedding party to choose their favourites.

Aisle Ends

Choosing aisle ends is a minor decision that may have a big impact on your wedding style. If you’re a stickler for matching, your florist can design an aisle end that matches the bouquets. They can be customised in shape or style to match the finer details of the church or wedding venue. To save money and get the best from your wedding flowers, choose a style that doubles as centrepieces for the tables in your venue. You can incorporate your favourite flowers or something sweet that reminds you of a loved one who is not at your wedding.


Boutonnieres (or buttonholes) should tie to the bride's bouquet. After all, you are tying yourself together forever today! They should be well-balanced, small and not too heavy so it doesn’t impact the pocket it sits in. You’re not wearing a bouquet on your jacket so treat it like an item of jewellery, delicate and tasteful. Ideally, try to use some of the flowers in the bouquet to keep continuity in the theme. Think about the colours of your suit and wedding party and try to tie them together.

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