Sending flowers is a popular way to let a loved one know you care, all year round. Whether you’re spoiling your Mam for mother’s day or sending birthday wishes across the ocean, it couldn’t be easier to treat your loved ones. Belles Fleurs florist in Blanchardstown specialises in creating bespoke flower arrangements for all occasions, but how do you know what to choose? Our guide to popular orders will help you decide.


Bouquets are the main way we present our flowers, but hatboxes add a little something special. Hatboxes, heart-shaped or round, make a perfect floral gift to show you care. They take minimal care – no need to cut or put them into a vase and they are practically self-watering with water-filled foam within the box. Add 100ml of water to the centre of the arrangement every day and watch them last as a centrepiece for your table.

A Touch of Class

How do you choose a bouquet for someone you don’t know well? It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of choices and colours, especially with such a wide selection on our online florist. Keep it simple with a bouquet of all-white. Using fresh flowers like stunning white roses, fragrant lilies and gorgeous hydrangeas, we create a bouquet of class and beauty. We’ll fill it with some greenery for a classic contrast that is sure to impress.

A Pop of Colour

If you know the person well, you can request a bespoke bouquet featuring a pop of their favourite colour to customise their bouquet. A bouquet of vibrant reds, oranges, pinks, purples, and yellows looks fantastic in any home and adds a burst of excitement and brightness. We have a fantastic range of colourful bouquets to choose from and if you give us a little notice, we can arrange something, especially for your loved one. Avoid a bouquet of red roses unless you’re sending it to a romantic interest.

Sending Love

If you’re sending love to someone very special, did you know we can arrange a stunning heart- shaped arrangement? Created using your choice of roses in a range of colours, this love heart bouquet will leave the lucky recipient in no doubt about how you feel! We can customise the colour of the bouquet with red, yellow white, orange, cream, and even blue roses, whatever you think best suits their personality. This is perfect for Valentine’s or a special anniversary.


Traditionally popular around easter, flower baskets are the perfect centrepiece for a table or to add a homely touch to any room. We fill our baskets with an array of beautifully coloured blooms paired with lush foliage. They’re ideal as a low-maintenance gift to a neighbour or a thank you to a friend. Keep the foam inside moist at all times to maximise the life of our basket arrangement.

The Little Extras

Add a little something extra to your delivery as a special treat for your loved one. We can add a high- quality teddy bear, perfect as an accompaniment for a romantic delivery or to welcome a new baby.

We can attach a helium balloon of your choosing for an extra special birthday celebration or add a box of delicious chocolates they can enjoy while they admire their flower arrangement.

If you need advice on ordering flowers or would like to speak to someone on our team, call our florist in Blanchardstown. Belles Fleurs team are happy to create an arrangement to order even if you don’t see it on our website.