If you are planning the most exciting day of your life, congratulations! You have a lot of big decisions to make about your wedding day, one of which is decor. Flowers have played a huge part in all of our special occasions for centuries, especially those extra special days like weddings. Deciding between real and fake flowers for your wedding is a no-brainer for florists but if you have not decided, keep reading. If you’d like a stunning display of real flowers for your wedding in Ireland, contact Belles Fleurs Florist in Blanchardstown.

Real Flowers Add Luxury

Nothing compares to real flowers to add an air of luxury and opulence to your big day. They add depth to any décor with the addition of colour, texture, and freshness to your space. Nothing compares to the elegance and class of real flowers, something that simply cannot be achieved with the use of fake flower arrangements.

Real Flowers are All-Natural

Fake flowers are often made of fabric and plastic, things that do not easily biodegrade. If you’re planning an eco-conscious wedding, real flowers are a much better option as they will mulch in just a few weeks after their use. If you go for fake flowers, even if you pass them to another wedding, they will show signs of wear and tear and their beauty and usefulness will decrease over time. Plastic takes between 20 to 500 years to decompose!

Real Flowers Allow Greater Creativity

You cannot grow fake flowers, but real flowers can be sourced in any colour from anywhere in the world. Fake flowers usually come in a limited variety of styles and colours. Allow yourself and your florist to design a truly creative and beautiful wedding flower arrangement using native or non- native blooms in a huge variety of colours.

The Costs are Similar

One of the misconceptions people have about real and fake flowers is that faux flowers cost less. Sure, you can find cheap, low-quality artificial flowers that will fill a gap but beautiful faux flowers that actually look real cost just as much or more than their fresh counterparts. Artificial flowers that look like the real thing are made of silk, or other high-quality materials, which is much more expensive than fresh flowers.

Real Flowers Add Fragrance

Scent is one of the main senses connected with emotions and memory. Imagine walking into your ceremony greeted by the wonderful perfume of fresh roses or gardenias. Associating this wonderful scent with your wedding will leave you and your guests with happy memories every time they smell fresh flowers. The fragrance of fresh flowers alone is enough to sway you to choose the real deal for your wedding day.

Florists Do All the Work for You

When you choose a professional florist like Belles Fleurs in Blanchardstown for a fresh flower arrangement for your wedding in Ireland, we do all of the hard work for you. We help you choose the right flowers and design, we work to your budget, we create the perfect floral arrangements and deliver them to your venue.

Contact our talented team at Belles Fleurs Florist in Dublin for a bespoke floral wedding package. We have been delighting couples with wedding flowers for over 25 years and our experience and reviews speak for themselves.