Spring is an exciting time for florists. Spring means renewal and new life and at Belles Fleurs, we love to change with the seasons. We’re seeing the return of some of the brightest and most colourful varieties of flowers and more vibrant arrangements in Spring, more than any other season. We love using flowers that are in season so we’re guaranteed the most beautiful, long-lasting bouquets that delight our customers. Customise your bouquet with these delightful spring blooms by calling our Dublin florist team or browsing our online florist.


The brightest, most vibrant colours in many bouquets come from the tulip, one of the earliest Spring blooms. They herald the arrival of the new season and add a burst of freshness to any flower arrangement. Tulips symbolise happiness and good wishes and sending them to a loved one is sure to perk up even the darkest spring weather. They’re most commonly available in pink or red but purple, yellow, white and orange are also available. They last approximately 7-10 days in a vase when attended properly.


Popular in ornamental and interior design bouquets, allium are a delicate, eye-catching flower. They are part of the onion family and unfortunately do not give off a sweet scent, ruling them out of wedding bouquets. They’re most popular in gardens but the variety of colours and unique look makes them popular for expert floral arrangements. They come in purple, lavender, blue, pink, pale green and white and are most commonly seen in late spring. Keep them away from pets and change the water frequently to ensure longevity.


Freesia is a popular spring flower that originates from Africa but are now widely available all over the world. They’re popular with florists for the variety of colours and shapes, and the fruity scent they emit which has been compared to strawberries. The scent of Freesia is often found in soaps, lotions, shampoos, and perfume. They most commonly grow in yellow but are available in pink, red, purple and orange. They last 7-10 days in a vase and are an attractive addition to any spring bouquet.


Often referred to as the King of Flowers, the addition of a Peony to any flower arrangement instantly elevates its style and design. They are native to China and are an expensive and semi-rare bloom, hence their popularity. They symbolise prosperity and good fortune, both qualities of a good marriage, making them popular in wedding bouquets. They bloom in late spring and are most commonly grown in pink, but you can get red, white and peach varieties too. They last 5-7 days in a vase so enjoy them while you can!


While these bloom for most of the year, Gerbera start to show their beautiful colours in late spring. These daisy-like flowers are bright, cheerful, and welcoming, lifting any flower arrangement and adding a burst of colour. They’re hardy and need little more than a clean vase and a bit of sunshine to thrive. They last up to 10 days in a bouquet, one of the longest-lasting varieties of cut flowers.

They come in a wide variety of colours, ideal to suit your décor or taste.

Order your spring bouquet today to cheer up a friend or add a burst of freshness to your home. Belles Fleurs Florist in Blanchardstown offers nationwide fresh flower delivery from our Dublin flower shop. Browse our online florist for inspiration.