With a cost of living crisis looming, one of the first things to go from our shopping lists are non- essential items which may include flowers. Alternatives to florist bouquets include cheap supermarket bunches but true flower lovers will know the superior quality, durability and variety that can only be found in a professional florist bouquet. Here are some of the main differences between florist & supermarket flower arrangements.


There is no comparison in cost. Supermarkets buy their flowers in large bulk, buying thousands of flowers, packing and shipping them to stores across the world. Buying in huge quantities gives them superior buying power meaning they can afford to sell at much lower prices. Florists buy specific flowers in small quantities, from smaller suppliers meaning we can’t compete with big buyers’ prices.

Flowers are expensive for many reasons. They are delicate and perishable with a short shelf life. They are difficult to grow and the demand for all flowers in all seasons, as well as transport costs, drives up the cost as well as the impact on the environment. All of these factors has a knock-on effect on the cost of your bouquet.


Supermarket bouquets are cookie-cutter. You’ll find a small selection of the same colours and designs in each branch with very little variation. Independent florists can order different types and colours of blooms, giving you a much better variety. This is especially important when we decorate a wedding, ceremony or event, dazzling attendees with the sight and smell of our fantastic floral displays.

Have you ever noticed that supermarket flowers often don’t smell? Mass-produced cut flowers are bred and grown for the way they look and last, fragrance can be bred out of them. Smaller, more carefully bred flowers smell as delicious as the day they were cut and smell sweeter inside your home.


Supermarket flowers are often short-lived because they aren't given the correct care and treatment to keep them fresh and healthy. Flowers are often stored beside fruit and vegetables which, when ripe, emit ethylene which causes flowers to wilt faster. The water buckets in supermarkets are not changed regularly and are often empty leading to undernourished flowers, half-dead before they leave the supermarket.

When you buy fresh flowers from a florist, the biggest difference is the quality of the flowers and their care. Florists have the passion to provide the very best bouquets in terms of freshness and quality. We use our expertise to store and feed the flowers as well as possible before they leave our shop.

Support Local

When you buy from a local florist like Belles Fleurs, you are supporting a small, locally-run business. You are keeping our team busy, ensuring we can keep as many people as possible in employment and bringing a much-needed boost back to our local economy. Not only do you get a superiorproduct, you’re also supporting an independent business which has been in operation in Blanchardstown for over 20 years.

Browse our selection of flowers and other arrangements on our online florist and we can deliver fresh flowers nationwide. We provide bespoke floral services for all occasions. Call us or drop into our flower shop in Blanchardstown to hand-pick a bouquet perfect for you.