With the cost of living steadily rising and more and more small businesses closing their doors, it’s more important than ever to support small, local and independent businesses this Christmas. If you’re lucky enough to be buying Christmas gifts for loved ones, use your spending power to invest in our local economy, keeping local people employed and making sure there is diversity on the Irish shopping scene.

About Belles Fleurs

We are a locally owned and run florist in business for over 23 years. We are one of the longest- standing tenants of Blanchardstown Shopping Centre and have weathered many storms and recessions over our 23 years in business. We put passion and pride into every floral creation, delighting our customers and providing flowers for all occasions from congratulations to commiserations. We owe our success to our creative and dedicated team and our customers who trust us to deliver the freshest, highest-quality flowers every time.

Why Support your Local Florist

There are many reasons to support small, local businesses. One of the biggest of these is to keep competition in the marketplace. If we only choose to buy from large multinational corporations, soon that’s all that will be available. We won’t be able to buy homemade or handmade gifts for loved ones or that something unique to brighten up your home. Keeping the doors of independent businesses open adds character to a place and draws tourists and shoppers to an area. Local businesses employ local people, creating jobs and giving back to the local economy. Remember when you buy from Belles Fleurs, you’re keeping our doors open and our lights on at a time that we need it most.

How to Order From Belles Fleurs

If you’re in a position to buy Christmas gifts for loved ones this year, use your spending power to put money back into the Irish economy by buying local. Ordering from Belles Fleurs is easy. You can call our team to discuss your needs & budget or pop into our flower shop in Blanchardstown and admire our beautiful creations for yourself. If you’re gifting from afar, you can browse our selection on our online florist, give us some detail and we’ll do the rest. We offer nationwide flower delivery from our Dublin florist based in Blanchardstown. We also offer bespoke flower services for special events like Christmas parties, galas, charity events and weddings.

Support for Free

Supporting local doesn’t just mean buying from a local business. With most people preferring word of mouth over social media advertising, the power of a positive review cannot be underestimated. If Belles Fleurs has impressed you or you’ve been happy with our service in the past, we’d love to hear from you. You can leave a review on our Google business page, our Facebook or Instagram messengers or by emailing us at [email protected]. We’d love it if you could like and share our social media posts too, it helps to boost our reach to potential customers.

We’d like to wish all of our family, friends and customers of Belles Fleurs a very Merry Christmas and hope to deliver to you again soon.