Have you ever thought about becoming a florist? We love our jobs, using natures most colourful creation to bring happiness and beauty to our customers’ homes. We dedicate ourselves to being creative & imaginative, working hard to fulfil orders and collaborating with customers to make their floral dreams come true. We are passionate about floristry, something we aim to show in every display that leaves our shop. Here are some of the best parts of being a local florist.

We’re part of all of your milestones

Whether you are celebrating a new job, a birthday or the birth of a new baby, your local florist ishere to bring joy. If you are sending condolences or would like to show your support through abereavement, we are also here to send a little love through a bouquet or wreath. We pride ourselveson supporting local people through thick and thin. It is our privilege to have some small part in yourmost important days, from a surprise bouquet for a neighbour or wedding & anniversary flowers.We love hearing about how our blooms have made a difference to your day. With nationwide flowerdelivery available you can share the love wherever you are.

We are surrounded by what we love.

Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life. While there is a lot of background work that goes into creating the perfect bouquet, we are lucky to be surrounded by what we love every day. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when we’re surrounded by fresh, bright and beautiful blooms throughout the year. If you’ve ever received a surprise flower delivery you’ll know how excited and loved it makes you feel. We love that our job is to be a small part of that feeling and it makes us truly appreciate what we do.

No two days are the same

We weren’t built for sitting behind a desk. When you choose floristry as a trade, you are guaranteed that no two days will be identical. We could be preparing colourful bouquets in different shapes and sizes for a corporate event or a full floral display for a wedding. We never know what flowers will be ordered from day to day or what fantasy bouquet the next bride has in mind. We love making our customers happy and sharing the stories behind the orders in person in our Dublin florist or on the phone. Each day brings challenges and joys that makes us appreciate what we do.

Creative Freedom

Flower buying and arranging are our passion and talent and we love to help you make your dream arrangement a reality. We love to mix textures, colours, shapes and styles to create a mixture of quirky, one-off arrangements or classically beautiful bouquets. We love searching through the flowers that are in season, finding something new and exciting to impress our customers. Even coming up with the names of our bouquets is fun!

With nationwide delivery available, you can enjoy Belles Fleurs flowers in Dublin, Cork, Donegal or wherever you are in the country. Visit our website to order flowers for your loved one or yourself today.