Bold & vibrant or soft & whimsical - there are so many directions you can go for your wedding florals. Tastes and availability change with the seasons but you can be sure of a quality, beautiful design when you choose Belles Fleurs florist in Blanchardstown for your wedding flowers. We’re happy to meet with you in our florist in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre to look at your inspiration pictures and discuss a wedding floral package that suits your taste, budget and needs. You’re guaranteed the highest standard of blooms and creativity from our talented and experienced team.

Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Choices for wedding flowers change as the weather does. Summer weddings usually have bright and bold blooms while weddings in other seasons tend to go for muted, but no less beautiful tones. These days, most types of flowers are available no matter the season but to have a more sustainable wedding, and to save on cost, many couples choose flowers that are in season or grown locally. Incorporating the season into your big day is so easy when you make use of florals.

Popular Flowers for Wedding bouquets

Wedding bouquets are as unique as their owners. Many people opt for a colour palette and give the florist creative control while others have a specific idea of the varieties they want to see. Roses are one of the most romantic flowers and are definitely the most popular in a bouquet or wedding arrangement. Other popular choices, depending on colour, include Peonies, Anemones, Dahlias, Lilacs, Ranunculi, Sweet Peas, and Hydrangeas. We tend to avoid flowers with a strong pigment or dusty stamen (like Lilies) to avoid staining. We often have requests to include Mum or Gran’s favourite flower in a wedding bouquet as a tribute.

Where do I need Flowers?

You can have as many or as few flowers in your big day as you like, after all the day is all yours! If you ask us, flowers add an air of luxury and opulence to even the plainest room. Flowers can be added to every corner, table and surface of your wedding, giving not only a burst of colour but a fresh and sweet scent. Our wedding packages can include bouquets and buttonholes, table centres, pew décor and flower arches for churches, mantlepiece and entryway designs and anything else you can think of. We love a challenge in our locally owned florist and guarantee we’ll rise to your special occasion.

Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding Flowers

Most couples spend approximately 10% of their wedding budget on flowers so you’ll want to get the most from your money. Communicating your style, ideas and budget with your florist means you both have a clear idea of what is to be delivered. Choosing in-season flowers not only keeps costs low, it also ensures your flowers look better for longer. Select a reputable and professional florist for your wedding day to ensure on-time, fresh deliveries and set up. Designs can be moved from your church to your venue and asking your florist to keep this in mind when designing your package can save you a lot and help you enjoy your beautiful flowers for longer.

Support a local florist like Belles Fleurs by choosing us for your wedding day. A personal touch and many years of dedication and practice go into each of our floral designs. Contact our team in our Blanchardstown florist to discuss your needs.