Just as we each have a birthstone and a star sign related to the month we were born, we also have birthday flowers. Sending someone you love a fresh flower bouquet including their birth flower shows an extra level of care and attention above and beyond the norm. At Belles Fleurs Dublin florist, we can create a bespoke bouquet for your loved one including their birth flower and we offer nationwide delivery. Speak to one of our talented florists today.

October Birthdays – Marigold

If your birthday is in October, your birth flower is the beautiful Marigold, a colourful annual that – ironically – thrives in the sun. Marigolds traditionally symbolized grief despite being such a bright and cheerful flower. However, for many cultures the bright orange and yellow hues represent the paths of light that guide their dearly departed to the other world. Today, they are linked to the power of the sun and represent the strength that lives inside someone. They are usually odour-free flowers and can last over two weeks with the correct care and attention. They’re an ideal candidate for flower drying too.

November Birthdays - Chrysanthemum

November’s birth flower, chrysanthemum, is reminiscent of the vibrant colours of Autumn. Often referred to as ‘mums’, they’re popular in an autumn bouquet. The name comes from the Greek chrys- meaning golden and -anthemion, meaning flower. They were originally a golden coloured flower but now come in all sorts of colours from deepest burgundy to brightest orange. There is even a “Festival of Happiness” to celebrate this flower in Japan each year. Chrysanthemums are believed to represent joy, love & longevity and to be gifted a chrysanthemum means the giver wishes you happiness and a health

  • A red chrysanthemum symbolises saying “I love you.”
  • White chrysanthemums bring innocence, purity, and pure love.
  • A yellow chrysanthemum can symbolise slighted love.

December Birthdays - Narcissus Paperwhite & Holly

December’s birth flower varies, depending on who you speak to. The most popular is narcissus but we’ve heard that Poinsettias and Holly are equally as popular. They symbolise good wishes, faithfulness and respect. Most narcissus are Spring flowers (daffodil is part of the family) but the paperwhite narcissus blooms in December.

It’s no surprise that the other birth flower for December is the beautifully festive Holly. Although technically not a flower, the dark green leaves and bright red berries exude Christmas cheer. Holly is known for good fortune, peace and merriment and is most popular in Winter. Holly makes a wonderful addition to December birthday bouquets and adds the perfect touch of festive cheer to Christmas wreaths.

Why send Birth Flowers?

Birth flowers give a flower delivery a personal touch. It’s a great idea to include your loved one’s birth flower in a birthday bouquet as an extra thoughtful inclusion. Speak to one of our professional florists when arranging your wedding flowers if you’d like to include your, your partners or your children’s birth flower in your wedding bouquet. You can also include a birth flower in a remembrance bouquet or as part of a new baby bouquet.

Belles Fleurs offer our customers beautiful fresh flower bouquets with a personal touch. We look after your every need from wedding to funeral flowers hand-tied by our talented team of florists. Whether you’re in Dublin or Donegal, our nationwide flower delivery service can deliver our remarkable bouquets to your loved one.