Flowers are a fabulous gift for a loved one no matter what time of the year you send them. Advances in technology mean that we no longer have to wait until our favourite flower is in season to enjoy them with many tropical and exotic flowers now available all year round. Whether you’re sendingflowers for an August birthday, a Leo baby or a very special anniversary, Belles Fleurs has you covered. Browse our collection, which changes with the seasons, using our online florist, enter some details and we’ll be happy to deliver a beautiful bouquet to you or your loved one.

Why Buy in Season?

While most flowers are now available all year round, flowers are at their best when in season. Just like buying in-season fruit and veg, flowers smell and look better when they are naturally in-season. They may look like the same flowers, but a lot of chemicals, water, artificial light and other means have gone into perfecting a flower available off-season. Excess chemicals and energy are used, draining resources and damaging the environment. Flowers bought in season are cheaper to buy from our wholesaler, last longer and are more vibrant in colour and scent, giving the customer better value for money.

August Blooms

There is a huge list of flowers that thrive in August. We prepare bouquets for nationwide delivery that include seasonal flowers such as the beautiful chrysanthemum, a hardy, colourful perennial whose flowers bloom late into September and October if the natural conditions are right. Everyone’s spring favourite, daffodils, are also widely available in August alongside wildflowers like the simple daisy, making a perfect spring bouquet even last into the summer season. You can enjoy sweetly scented blooms like larkspur, hyacinth, iris, and jasmine in August too, filling your home with wonderful natural perfume. Roses, the most romantic flower of them all, are in bloom in August – evidenced by many rose gardens in parks and homes in Ireland.

One of the most iconic flowers of the season thrives in August weather – Sunflowers. A bouquet of sunflowers makes a fantastic addition to any home or garden and are a striking addition to a wedding bouquet. Contact Belles Fleurs to order a very special sunflower bouquet before the season ends.

Care of Flowers in Warm Weather

August is often a time for a mini heatwave in Ireland and a tough time for cut flowers – unless you take care of them well. Warmer weather means water in vases evaporates quicker so make sure to keep those flowers well hydrated, topping up the vase with fresh water every couple of days. Use a sterilised glass vase, room temperature water and cut the stems at an angle for best water absorption. Try to keep cut flowers out of direct sunlight or heat sources and give the heads an occasional spritz from a spray bottle to keep the petals moist.

Belles Fleurs Florist offers nationwide flower delivery across Ireland, specialising in hand-tied bespoke bouquets for an occasion. We have been delighting customers from our Blanchardstown florist for over 25 years and would be delighted to brighten up your day with a summer bouquet. Visit our online florist or call our team to order a fresh flower delivery in Dublin.