It's almost time for the most romantic day of the year! Valentine's is a day to show your happiness and appreciation to the person you love the most. Gifts usually come in the form of cards, chocolates and jewellery or the most popular gift of all, flowers. It’s the busiest time of the year for florists in Ireland and we’d recommend getting your order in early to secure a delivery and ensure we have the exact right flowers to truly impress your better half. Whether you’re wooing a new love interest or celebrating an eternal flame, flowers are a foolproof way to impress.

Valentine’s Traditions

Valentine's looks different all over the world. In England's Victorian times, it was seen as bad luck to sign your name on a Valentine’s card and in Japan, gifts are traditionally given from women to their partners. Finland and Estonia celebrate Friend’s Day on February 14 th , celebrating both friends and significant others. It is believed that the first-ever Valentine’s Day card originated in France in 1419. In Ireland, some people pay a visit to the shrine of St Valentine in Whitefriar Street Church to ask for blessings on their relationship or to ask for guidance on finding love.

Valentines Flowers

Flowers have long symbolised love among many other emotions. Flowers have different meanings and were used to send secret messages for many centuries between forbidden lovers and friends. Flowers add perfume, ambience, and a feeling of luxury to a space, all things we want to gift to the special person we love. Roses are the most popular flowers for Valentine’s, but carnations, lilies, peonies, orchids and gardenia are often added to bring depth to fresh flower arrangements.

A Dozen Red Roses

The most traditional flower to represent love and romance is the classic red rose. Their timeless beauty and elegance make them the ultimate in indulgence and grace. According to mythology, Aphrodite's beauty was so great that red roses sprang up wherever she walked. As a result, red roses became a symbol of love and desire. A dozen red roses symbolise completeness and perfection. 12 is the number of hours of daylight (somewhere in the world, we’re sure!) and the number of months in the year giving a full circle of love and passion. 12 red roses are the most popular bouquet ordered for this romantic occasion.

Order a Valentine's Bouquet in Dublin

Ordering a fresh flower delivery from a small local business in Dublin is easier than you think. At Belles Fleurs, our shop is open 7 days a week to pick up those very special arrangements. We also offer nationwide delivery from our florist in Blanchardstown to anywhere in Ireland with our delivery partners. Next-day delivery is available all over Irleand, but we recommend you don’t leave ordering until the last minute! We can custom-make bouquets to order or we have a great selection of beautiful floral creations on this website.

Contact us soon to order a freshly tied flower bouquet for delivery to your loved one's home or workplace this Valentine's Day. Don’t rely on cheap supermarket flowers to show your love – they are worth a custom-created bouquet from our small florist in Dublin. Order online, call 018222260 or drop into our florist in Dublin 15.