Belles Fleurs nationwide delivery flower service has just dropped off a fantastic bouquet to your home – but how do you make sure you’re taking great care of your blooms? We want you to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible and ensure you get excellent value for money. Here are some things you should do to prolong the life of your flowers at home.

1. Use a clean container

Making sure the vase you use has been thoroughly washed and free of debris will prevent premature ageing or rot on the stems, ensuring your blooms can absorb as much water as they need. Make sure your vase is big enough, so your flowers aren’t packed in. Separate your bouquet into two vases if needed.

2. Clean, fresh water

Flowers are very thirsty and require a lot of water, especially in the first few days to stay fresh. Fill your vase with cool (not cold), clean water and refill as often as needed – twice a day in the first couple of days.

3. No leaves submerged.

Strip any foliage below the water line making sure no leaves are submerged in the water. Foliage sitting in the water rots quicker and makes the water smell bad, the last thing you want to happen to your gorgeous bouquet.

4. Cut the stems

Our flowers leave our shop alive and blooming, but the stems can dry out slightly on their way to the final destination. Cut ½ an inch from the bottom of the stem before placing them in water, exposing fresh tissue and allowing for better water absorption. Use a sharp scissors or knife, not your hands.

5. Use flower food

Flower food and preservatives are not suitable for all flowers but if we provide you with a packet, use as instructed. Make sure to dilute well and wash your hand thoroughly after handling.

6. Keep them cool

Flowers do better when they are not placed in warm places like in direct sunlight or heat. Avoid windowsills or above radiators to prolong the life of the flower. Keep your bouquet away from ripening fruits and veggies too. The release of ethylene can cause flowers to wither much faster.

7. Change the water completely.

You’ve kept your flowers hydrated for 2-3 days, now it’s time to fully change the water. Cut the stems another ½ inch to give them the best chance at a longer vase life.

8. Enjoy!

Our florist in Dublin works hard to create stunning bouquets that are meant to be enjoyed for as long as possible. Admire your flowers while they last and take some pictures to remind yourself how beautiful they were.

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