Whether you’re having a big gathering with lots of friends and family, or something small and intimate to mark your big day, flowers at your wedding are a must. Flowers add an air of elegance and freshness to your wedding and can be customised to suit your style and theme. You can decide how many flowers you might need to suit your wedding day but it's better to be overprepared than panicking on the morning! Belles Fleurs independent florist located in Blanchardstown provides a full flower service for weddings and we’d be delighted to make your floral dreams come true.


One of the most photographed parts of your wedding is the bouquet so you’ll want to make sure yours stands out for all of the right reasons. There are so many styles and types of bouquets that can suit the style of your wedding and dress. You might need a professional's advice to decide what type of bouquet best suits your wedding and our florists at Belles Fleurs are always happy to help.


Following the bride's bouquet, the bridesmaids' bouquets are the next most important arrangements. Bridesmaids often have complimenting bouquets to the bride, smaller versions in similar colours and styles to tie in with the wedding theme. They aren’t absolutely essential, but they do add a lot to the photos and make for some fun group photo opportunities.

Flower Girl

If you decide to include an adorable little person to walk you down the aisle for your big day, they might need some flowers to hold onto. If they’re too young to carry a bouquet, a basket full of flower petals will make for a very cute entrance. They may also need a floral hairpiece to tie in with the adult wedding party.


There is no reason that the men in your wedding party shouldn’t also enjoy the addition of fresh flowers. It might be hard to tell your male wedding party apart from other guests, especially with everyone dressed so smartly, so the addition of a floral boutonniere will help them stand out. Complimentary colours will help tie them to their respective bridal party member.

Aisle Décor

Starting from the first stop on your big day, the church or wedding ceremony space. While each has its charm, plain wooden pews in churches or white-covered chairs, are a very nondescript part of your wedding. Adding flowers to the edge of the rows will draw the eye inward, making sure the aisle and the important people walking it are the focal points. They also look excellent in pictures.

Table Centrepieces

Flowers add a touch of elegance and luxury to any wedding space. They bring a little of the wonder of nature indoors and guests always admire the beauty and delicate scent of a floral centrepiece. Table centrepieces can be customised to your space, fitting the biggest or smallest tables regardless of shape. Colours and styles of centrepieces can be customised to suit the venue and your theme.

Welcome Table Arrangements

While guests are searching the seating plan for their names, or signing the reception book, it might be nice to have a floral arrangement inviting them in and delighting their senses. This might be an arrangement of bridesmaids' bouquets or a brand-new floral display, depending on your budget.

Flower Walls

Some couples like to add over-the-top floral displays to their big day, ensuring guests have a beautiful photo backdrop to show off their wedding outfits. Floral walls or flower walls were made popular by celebrity weddings and add an extra level of WOW to any big day.

Wedding Cake Flowers

There is a growing trend for ‘Naked Cakes’ for weddings –cakes without fondant or icing to steal the show. A naked cake is scraped with a light crumb coat leaving the delicious layers on show. These cakes are often decorated with fresh, non-toxic flowers adding another layer of beauty and décor to your big day. Talk to your florist about appropriate flowers to decorate your wedding cake.

Book a wedding flower consultation with Belles Fleurs today to learn more about our packages. We’d be delighted to play a small part in your big day.