Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love what we do. We love waking in the morning, surrounded by the most beautiful natural creations, and bringing joy to customers across Ireland with our nationwide flower delivery service but there are some challenges that come when you choose floristry as a profession from pricing to stocking. Here are some of the challenges florists face


Always a point of issue. Comparing your local florist’s prices to a supermarket is as different as night & day. The flower selection in supermarkets is much smaller than that of a florist, the quality is lower, and the longevity of the bloom is compromised as they are not well taken care of. Supermarkets also buy in bulk meaning they pay a lot less to their wholesaler. Florists’ bouquets have a personal touch, last longer and are much more impressive, plus you’re supporting a local business employing local people.


On Valentines Day, we are the most popular shop in town. The rest of the year, we work hard to facilitate wanes and flows in business. Flowers are a non-essential product and are the first to be cut from a budget when times get tough, which can be hard for small florists like us. We work hard to maintain our website, increase our online presence, and reward our loyal customers with the most impressive anniversary, birthday, and celebration flowers so they know they can rely on us.


As with most businesses, there is a degree of flexibility needed by our staff. We need to be up very early to accept deliveries, prepare arrangements for the day ahead and to open our doors. Luckily our nationwide flower delivery service allows us to remain in the shop, focusing on the important thing – impressing our customers with bouquets they had only dreamed of.

Care of stock

Flowers are notoriously fragile. Once they have been cut, they need almost constant care and attention until they reach their destination. Flowers are perishable and fade quickly if not taken care of properly. Timing is crucial and displays can be ruined if prepared too early. Our experienced team are experts in flower care and ever flower bouquet that leaves our florist in Dublin is fresh and long- lasting.


As well as seasonal business, we also have to consider seasonal flower varieties. The prices of flowers changes with the seasons as floriculture depends on nature. Any change in temperature, humidity or rainfall can influence production which impacts the availability & price of flowers. We’ve had to work around flower shortages and inflated prices many times.

We are delighted to offer our customers nationwide delivery from Cork to Donegal and everywhere in between from our Dublin florist in Blanchardstown. Our celebration & anniversary flowers are sure to bring a smile to the face of your loved one. Use code BELLES10 for 10% off our entire website as a small thank you to our loyal customers