There is nothing like the excitement of delivery, especially when it’s a fresh flower arrangement from Belles Fleurs! Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever but following our tips on flower care will help your bunch last longer. If you receive a bouquet or hatbox from a loved one or as a gift from you to you, you’ll need to follow some simple tips to keep them happy and healthy for as long as possible. Contact our florist in Dublin 15 or order from our Irish-owned online florist to arrange a beautiful long lasting fresh flower arrangement for any occasion.


When you get your bouquet, it will be expertly packaged for transport with plastic wrap and a small amount of water. Take all of the wrap, including any elastic used off your bouquet when you get it as leaving it wrapped will shorten its lifespan. Sterilise a vase and half-fill it with cool, not cold, water. Strip the leaves from the bottom half of your flowers, ensuring that no leaves will be in the water in the vase as it will cause mould. Cut an inch or so from the end of your flower stems at an angle for maximum water absorption. Allow your flowers to soak up the fresh water and bloom as long as possible.


Hat boxes are a low-maintenance type of arrangement that is ideal for those with busy lives. They’re the perfect gift for a new parent, as a housewarming or a table centre for a special occasion. When they arrive, the blooms will be perfectly arranged in a box which also contains a special absorbent foam. The foam is saturated with water which feeds the flowers while in transit and for as long as possible after. You simply need to pour half a cup or about 100ml of water down the middle of your arrangement every day. Don’t worry about getting the box wet, pouring gently means the sponge will absorb the water and distribute it evenly.


Using real flowers in a door wreath is a really luxurious way of dressing your front door. If you’re lucky enough to have been gifted a beautiful wreath of flowers, you’re even luckier that their care is minimal. Try to keep them in a space that is dust-free and where they have the best chance of fresh air and light. Take the wreath off the door to water, gently pouring water into the well where the base of the flowers is secured. If you have a hollow well, gently spritz the wreath every day. Remove any dead flowers or foliage Take the wreath in if there is a chance of frost or extreme sunlight and it should last around three weeks.


  • Keep your flowers in a warm room but away from direct sunlight and heat sources like radiators.
  • Don’t keep your flowers near fruit. Chemicals emitted by fruit wilts flowers faster.
  • Many types of flowers are toxic to pets so keep your bouquet away from your furry friend.
  • Change vase water every 2 - 3 days or more frequently if you notice the water in your vase turning cloudy. 

Allow our expert florists in our Blanchardstown flower shop to create an arrangement you’ll love by ordering from our online florist or calling us on (01) 822 2260.