It’s finally that time of the year when our gardens are blooming with one of the most beautiful and dramatic flowers of all, the wonderful hydrangea. This eye-catching bloom grows well in damp soil and dappled shade, something we have plenty of in Ireland even in summer! They look fantastic in a bouquet either to brighten up your home or as part of a wedding bouquet. Belles Fleurs have a selection of bouquets that include beautiful hydrangeas. Browse our online florist website or call in to our florist shop in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre to pick up a bouquet.

Colourful Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are arguably one of the most striking and recognisable flowers of all. Their over-the-top flower heads come in a range of shapes, from large balls to cones. The flower itself comes in a variety of hues, depending on the type, the soil they’re grown in, the water used to feed them and other factors. You’ll find them in shades of blue, white, pink and green. The colour is soil dependent - blue on acid soils and pink on alkaline soils. Out of all the colourful flowers that we see, blue is the rarest. Hydrangeas represent gratitude, grace and beauty. The volume of flowers on each stem also abundance making a great gift for a new baby or a new job.

Care of Hydrangeas

If you’re growing hydrangeas, the best time to plant is Spring or Autumn when the soil is warm and moist. They have self-clinging roots, so you don’t have to prop them up, just plant them close to a garden wall. Watering with rainwater will keep hydrangeas blue. You can change the colour by feeding with low phosphorous, high-potassium soil. Pruning should happen in mid-spring but generally, the old flowers are left on during winter to protect new growth.

Hydrangeas in a Vase

If you’re buying a bouquet with Hydrangeas, it’s important to pick the freshest possible. Use a sharp knife or clippers to cut each stem on a diagonal to maximise water absorption. As soon as they’re cut they should be submerged in a solution of flower food and tepid water. Strip off the leaves from each stem as they will absorb most of the water and deny those beautiful petals the nourishment they need to thrive. Replace the water in the vase every other day to ensure its fresh and free from debris.

Bouquets with Hydrangeas

Belles Fleurs include hydrangeas in a selection of our bouquets. Bring a touch of beauty and freshness to your home with our Glamour bouquet which contains a combination of white roses, delicate lisianthus, pretty gerbera and colourful hydrangea. Our Unique Emotions bouquet is an impressive combination of delphinium, peony, hydrangea, and roses. Say with flowers what you cannot say with words with a Unique Romance bouquet complete with delphinium, ranunculus, hydrangea, and some pretty pink roses all complemented with fresh greenery.

Order a bouquet by browsing our online florist, calling the shop on 01 822 2260, or calling in to our Blanchardstown flower shop 7 days a week from 9 am. We’d be delighted to create a hydrangea bouquet for you.