Roses are undoubtedly the queen of the flower world. With so many variations and meanings, you can send roses to anyone for almost any occasion from celebration to condolences. There are over 300 species of rose and they are available year-round. At Belles Fleurs, we source only the freshest roses from our suppliers to ensure each bouquet delivered to you is bright, fresh and has a long shelf life. Use code BELLES10 for a 10% discount across our website and send someone you love a fabulous bouquet of roses today.

Where do Roses come from?

Roses were originally native to China but are now grown all over the world. A fossil of a rose was once dated as being over 35 million years old! Roses come into season in Springtime and are most popular around February because of their connotation with all things romance. We source our roses from expert growers and wholesalers in Holland. They are shipped here in refrigerated containers to prolong freshness.

Care of Roses

Care of cut roses is easier than you would expect. Follow our instructions for general care of flowers and you’ve set yourself up with a long-lasting, beautiful bouquet. Some other tips include:

  1. Make sure the water is cool – not hot and not freezing
  2. Sterilize your vase with diluted bleach before filling
  3. Change the water every 3 or 4 days
  4. Use the flower food provided. It contains acid, sugar, and antibacterial products which prolong the life of the rose
  5. Cut the stems at an angle when you get home

Rose Symbolism

The colour, style or number of roses in your bouquet can have different meanings. The Rose is the traditional flower of love, which is why red roses are popular Valentine’s Day gifts. A dozen roses areour most popular bouquet and has connotations of romance and love.

White roses are some of the purest blooms available and represent innocence, unity, and remembrance. A dozen white roses has many meanings and are appropriate to send as a condolence gift or to someone who is grieving without being inappropriately cheerful.

Given together, red & white roses symbolise unity and togetherness. The colour palette is classic romance and they make a clean, eye-catching bouquet. They are often used to symbolise new beginnings and marriage and are a fabulous choice for a bridal bouquet.

Symbolising joy, delight and friendship, a bouquet or the inclusion of yellow roses is popular in arrangements to convey congratulations, thanks and new beginnings. Yellow roses are a joyful flower that brings a pop of colour and brightness to any arrangement.

Pink roses are another popular choice, symbolising beauty and have become an all-purpose gifting flower appropriate to include in all types of arrangement from sympathy to congratulations. They’re a popular inclusion in many types of bouquets including thank you, congratulations and a new baby – especially if it’s a girl!

No matter the occasion, you can say it with roses. Contact our talented team of florists in Dublin to create a bespoke rose arrangement that perfectly conveys your message. Our flower delivery service operations nationwide from our florist in Blanchardstown, Dublin.