Wintertime can be bleak, especially in Ireland, but when you decorate your home with the most beautiful Winter flowers, it doesn’t have to be. Some flowers thrive in the colder winter months, many of which are bright & beautiful and not all Christmas themed. Belles Fleurs flower shop in Dublin offers nationwide delivery to any part of Ireland and a next day delivery service of Winter bouquets to many parts of Dublin including Clondalkin, Walkinstown and Blanchardstown. Our talented team hand-pick blooms and deliver fresh to ensure the longevity of your bouquet.

Which Flowers Thrive in Winter?

Believe it or not, Tulips are available almost all year round. As cut flowers, they are available in many colours, such as red, white yellows, orange and hues range from the palest of pink through to the deepest of burgundy. If you plant tulip bulbs, they will reward you with beautiful blooms every year no matter how bad the weather gets. They’re a gorgeous reminder of the wonder of springtime even in the coldest winter months.

Lilys are a frequent addition to bouquets at Belles Fleurs. They not only smell fantastic but add an air of grandeur and elegance to any arrangement. They tend to bloom from early summer to autumn but advancements in technology means they are now widely available all year round. Lilys fare well in containers and need little maintenance aside from fresh water. White lilies offer a timeless look but coloured varieties add something a little more special to a winter arrangement.

Often used as foliage or as an accent around the Christmas table, Heather is a hardy evergreen that changes colour with the seasons. You can enjoy its blooming season for months on end, usually from November right through to mid spring. Wild species of Heather flowers are usually in purple or mauve shades but modified versions come in colours ranging from white, pink, a wide range of purples and reds – ideal as Christmas décor!

How to Take Care of Flowers in Winter

Most flowers thrive outside in Springtime but what’s the best way to take care of your gorgeous arrangement during the cooler months? Read our blog on How To Take Care of Flowers for the basics and add these handy tips to prolong the life of your flower delivery.

We forget how warm our homes get in the winter months with air conditioning and central heating fighting off the nip in the air. Keep your vase and flowers away from heat sources which will dehydrate them and cause them to wither quicker. You should also keep flowers away from frost or extreme cold. Keeping them at a constant room temperature is best to prolong their life. Remember to change the water regularly, especially in the first few days or if it gets low. Trim the stems making sure there are no leaves in the water to prevent mould from forming.

We specialise in beautiful fresh flower bouquets in Belles Fleurs and offer a nationwide flower delivery service throughout Ireland. Send birthday, anniversary, celebration or remembrance flowers from Belles Fleurs florist in Blanchardstown for a gift they’ll never forget.